The feeling you can’t ignore…

Hey guys 🙂

I’m not really sure why im saying “hey guys” because im not really sure if anyone is going to read this, but here goes…

I have a crush.
I’ve had it since I joined high school in summer 2014.

I remember transition day where he was mucking around with all the other boys on the dance mat.

But I remember, not seeing an immature, annoying boy.

I saw a cute, funny boy, that I wanted to get to know so badly. 100_3338

And my wish came true ❤

We were put in the same class and he sits near me in some subjects. We talk, we laugh and I really like him.

I’m only young so i dont know if i should be having these feelings but i can’t help them.

Please comment if you feel the same 🙂

Thanks ❤



The feeling you can’t ignore…